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We make you fly high!

So that flying always remains (or will become) the best hobby in the world!

With Air Lovers we stand for the values of freedom, independence, community, passion, safety and joy. Because life is simply beautiful and that’s how we think we should look at it and live it.

At that moment in April 2022 when we – Alex and Monika – put our original ideas for aviator stories, pilot clothes and mental flight trainings together the Air Lovers portfolio quickly grew somehow naturally into its five pillars.

And only a few days after that we were lucky enough to get a booth at the AERO Friedrichshafen 2022 (an international aviation fair in Germany) which we had only 2 weeks to prepare for. But we were so thrilled! Eventually, it was a fantastic opening and the beginning of a way towards many more exciting encounters and serendipities.

Also, looking backwards we’re now able to “connect the dots” as Steve Jobs put it in his famous speech at Stanford University. It’s how we independently from each other followed our call to fly and were brought together eventually as a team, which is a whole story on its own. And when Monika lived in Minneapolis, MN, and made the first international contacts with several local and further U.S. flight schools… At that time, we didn’t think about Air Lovers, yet. But certainly, all of this was not just lucky coincidences.

We want to expand our relationship with all the flight enthusiasts over the coming years and we invite everyone around the globe to join our community on Instagram and Facebook and immerse themselves in the world of flying together with us.

Because of all the positive experiences and the many doors that are opening and have already opened for us, we feel very confident to be on the right track and love seeing our community growing day by day.

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you stop being able to fly forever.”

Peter Pan

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