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Pilot Stories

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Pilot Stories

“We conduct exciting interviews with flight students, freshly graduated pilots and experienced aviator icons – up close and from real aviator life!” -Wigg


What could be more exciting than immersing first-hand into the lives of experienced pilots or freshly minted soloists ?


No matter what life situation. Whether you are a “pedestrian” or just starting your career as a pilot, whether you are in the middle of or after the end of the active flight time, everyone has a story to tell.


Learning from the experiences of others, avoiding tricky situations, feeling understood in case of uncertainties because you are not alone with these thoughts, and being able to make the right decisions in similar situations right away.


“Are you a pilot and/or a dream or cloud dancer? Wonderful! We also can’t stop dreaming of flying and share our stories with you from all sorts of different perspectives.” -Alex


We transform experiences into emotionally moving and easy-to-understand stories that appeal to pilots and non-pilots, from young to old, and invite them to dream of flying – no matter what stage in their aviation career they are at.


The pilot stories are offered in audio and video format, and also as texts.