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Leaders Ignited – Monika Gietl

Be the Leaders who we wish we had.

Website: https://leaders-ignited.com/

Instagram: @leaders_ignited

Leaders Ignited organizes online aviator meetups for pilots worldwide in the name of Air Lovers. In addition, Leaders Ignited creates audio-supported, mental flight training for Air Lovers in cooperation with flight schools and clubs.

Monika Gietl is an expert, coach and sparring partner for meeting culture of the new era in corporate business, both online and offline. Her mission is to enable corporations organize meetings that unleash completely new, previously untapped resources in executives and leadership teams.



Clear Prop Studios

The Flight DevTeam

Website: https://www.clearpropstudios.com/

Instagram: @clearpropstudios

ClearPropStudios was founded in 2020 by pilots, architects, 3D designers and software specialists. The idea was based on the fact that there are now fantastic simulators that bring unprecedented landscapes and weather experiences with them – but unfortunately the wonderful general aviation airfields have been completely neglected. Flying includes taking off and landing at airfields – the more realistic and detailed these are shown, the more real virtual flying feels.

Due to the different skills of the individual team members, the ClearPropStudios have a very high tendency towards perfection and creative development. Above all, they all have one passion in common: The love of aviation. Through their own experience in aviation, they not only know how a plane or the airfield really feel, but also have the aspiration to present them as authentically and realistically as possible. It’s often the details and the little things behind it that make the difference.



S. Hentges Photography

Samuel A. Hentges – Small Fish; big Pond

Website: https://hentgesphoto.com/

Instagram: @samhanwiches

Samuel A. Hentges is a passionate an brilliant hobby photographer and good friend from Minneapolis, USA. Some of our most beautiful pictures on this website come from him, which were taken on a joint flight trip from Flying Cloud Airfield, KFCM, Minneapolis to Sky Harbor Airfield, KDYT Lake Superior.