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Partner Program for Flight Schools and Flying Clubs

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Our Services

We offer the following services for flight schools and flying clubs:

  • Organization and implementation of ((inter-) national) flight tours and day trips
  • Creation and provision of Mental Flight Trainings
  • Favorable conditions for renters, flight students and club members for our annual memberships

Advantages of a Partnership with Air Lovers

The advantages of a partnership with Air Lovers are manifold:

  • Security through more involvement with aviation, also for charter customers and external visitors from other airports
  • Higher quality in flight training
  • Material-friendly flying through more awareness and mindfulness
  • Less effort for communicating specific standard and ground procedures at the airport
  • More time in the air for flight instructors and students through independent and targeted preparation
  • Scalability of the theoretical training performance with fewer or the same personnel costs
  • Increased and long-term loyalty of pilots who would otherwise withdraw from flying due to long breaks and the resulting insecurity
  • Share emotions, pass on experiences, lose fears, “fly over” supposed limitations
  • And much more

Individual Mental Flight Trainings

Here is a selection of possible types of mental trainings, videos etc.

Maneuvers und Standard Procedures

  • Standard local traffic pattern, on different aircraft types (e.g. C172, C172 Diesel, C152)
  • Touch & go
  • Go around
  • (Steep) turns
  • Target landings
  • Slow flight
  • Stalls (power off / on)
  • Emergency landing procedure
  • Safe landing procedure
  • Emergency procedures (radio failure, carburetor fire etc.)

Further Trainings

  • Radio briefing (aircraft specific)
  • Flight planning (domestic and international)
  • Flying with flight plan
  • Weather briefing
  • Pre-flight check or complete checklist handling
  • Procedures on the ground, e.g. special features in winter
  • Special: “Diesel plane videos”
  • Wake turbulences

A package of the elements listed above (and others) is put together in cooperation with our partners and then realized individually tailored to their fleet, standard procedures and local characteristics.

Interested? We’re looking forward to getting in touch with you!

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