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Air Lovers is THE platform for passionate VFR pilots and aviation enthusiasts who are seeking adventures and extraordinary experiences worldwide.

With us, you connect across different airports with fellow pilots, exchange experiences, engage in discussions with experts in the field, and prepare specifically for joint or individual flight tours.

In contrast to other providers, Air Lovers also offers a moderated, interactive space where the wealth of knowledge from the community (such as briefing packages, tour suggestions, meetups, masterminds, and mental flight training) is made accessible to all members.

Our goal at Air Lovers is to enable all pilots to fully embrace their dream of flying.

Our story? We have a vision:


Around the world with 80 pilots!

And we want to make this vision come true. Together with you!

We envision a world where the feeling of being held back by limitations, everyday worries, obligations and rules has been replaced by a life of freedom where you always feel like you’re flying (high), even when you’re not!

And if we’re honest with ourselves, most of us unfortunately far too seldom “fly high” because life keeps getting in the way. And so we postpone our dreams and visions, which are so important to us, until tomorrow, next week or next month.


Let’s go!

We felt the same way! That’s why we decided: No more excuses and distractions! Now the journey of our life is not only dreamed of, now it is actively approached.

Regardless of what might try to get in the way.

And how do we do that?

Above all: Together!


Our Roadmap

Always with an eye on the big vision and together with all pilots who share this vision, we will start our first two flight tours across Europe in 2023, online as well as offline. It continues across Africa, Asia, North and South America to the realization of the big vision, which is to once fly with the community around the whole world!

With Air Lovers you’ll never ask yourself again, “Am I capable of this flight?”. The Air Lovers Community grows together, supports each other and thus enables everyone to join the big journey. Connected with like-minded people and lots of fun and adventurousness, flying becomes a whole new experience for pilots worldwide – even outside the airfield.

We meet in monthly online sessions: The Aviator Meetup 2.0 and the Fly High Mastermind take place, alternately. These are two online formats in which we prepare ourselves in a targeted manner – for the really big goal. Step by step, so that everyone is again a bit better on their next flight than before.

From “Radio Communication abroad”, to “Flying in the Alps”, airspaces to taking into account the topics that are important to you for the tour through Europe, we will get the right experts on board, i.e. in our online sessions. Prepare yourself with questions and send them to us in advance so that the speakers can prepare themselves and at the end there are no more questions left unanswered.


Join us!

Of course you have the opportunity to practice the accumulated knowledge yourself with your flying buddies and to tour the world independently – you are always welcome to use the Air Lovers Community for this and exchange ideas with each other! Or: Join us on a flight tour to extraordinary destinations, with lots of adventure and of course always an expert or flight instructor on call, should there be any special challenges along the way.

As soon as we have the feeling that Europe has become too small for us in terms of flying – because we feel 100% safe and move absolutely naturally there – we will fly to the next continents. One after the other. And eventually – around the whole world!


Are you in?

You want to accompany us on one or the other part of the journey or you even want to make your big goal a reality? Then register for one of our Next Level Memberships and be one of the 80 pilots!


Feel like you’re flying always, even when you’re not!


“For once you have tasted flight. You will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards. For there you have been. And there you will always long to return.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

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