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The Air Lovers crew consists of three passionate pilots. Each of us has our own very unique talents, gifts and experiences. But what unites us all is our vision to create and promote the sense of community as a new “we”-culture in aviation. We open the space that allows pilots and other flight enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of flying together and connect internationally to meet up in the real world.

We enjoy and share fun flight experiences and the feeling of excitement and freedom that comes with flying. Flying with us becomes a completely new experience for pilots worldwide – even outside the airfield.

We see safety in aviation as a crucial ingredient for all of this and thus, contribute responsibly to this area of private pilot flying by offering innovative elements for flight trainings and fostering the open exchange of flight experiences, by promoting personal meetings amongst flight enthusiasts, and developing a flight community – all across national borders.

Our clothes are intended to promote recognition among Air Lovers members and serve as a direct conversation enabler, for example if they – intentionally or unintentionally – happen to bump into each other at an airport or an aviation fair.

Because of all the positive experiences and the many doors that are opening for us with each new day and have already opened, we are very confident that we are on the right path and love to see our community growing steadily.

ALEX – Imaginative Storyteller, flying Reporter and Merchandise Queen

At the beginning of 2020 – in the midst of her flight training for a private pilot license – Alex came up with the idea to develop her own clothing brand for private pilots. Alex is an expert in marketing and product development, and as she pays a lot of attention to good style herself she was missing an appealing selection – especially for female pilots – when going for a flight. This is how the Air Lovers brand was born.

Besides the desire for more attractive pilot clothes, Alex loves nature and conveys an eye for that beauty to others through aerial photographs. Also, Alex is known for her unique photo gifts that she creates with such love and passion as she wants to remind people of the beauty that is in our lives which is what also keeps herself going in moments when life just isn’t that great. Alex always ensures that there is an extra portion of humor in her interactions with others and within our team. Both turned out to be great ingredients for writing about flying when Alex literally dreamed about her first aviator story and wrote it down the next day. With these stories, Alex conveys the unique experience of flying in a fun and entertaining way and makes it thus accessible to pilots as well as to non-pilots.

WIGG – Flight Instructor with Heart and Soul, flying Ace and Looping Hero

Wigg is the one who has the most flying experience on our team. He is an aerobatic pilot and flight instructor flying since 2005 and has a great attention to detail. Thus, he is an essential asset to our team when it comes to the quality of the Air Lovers products but also to very important areas of our creations like security and aeronautical expertise. As a flight instructor Wigg revolutionizes flight training by using video in order to bring specific knowledge and understanding to pilots which goes beyond current standards.

Furthermore, as a flight enthusiast and aerobatic pilot Wigg also loves traveling and thus encourages other pilots to go beyond their limits. A large number of private pilots only rarely leave their known flight areas, and Wigg wants to convey that a border crossing – e.g. – into European foreign countries is no hurdle. This way he enables others to exceed their comfort zones and experience the freedom that flying comes with.

MONI – Voice of your Subconscious, flying Dreamer and Aviator Meetup Fairy

Moni loves bringing people together and organizing meetups (online and offline). Together with a friend she started an aviator meetup in her local flight school “Air Munich Aviation” in Jesenwang (Bavaria, Germany) in order to provide a platform where pilots share their passions and flight experiences with each other and come together for flying. One of the highlights was a Top Gun theme party in 2019 which Moni organized together with Alex and two further friends. This group of pilots has grown to over 120 people until today. During 2019 and 2020, Moni lived in Minneapolis, MN, USA, gained further flight experience and made connections with local flight schools (like Inflight Pilot Training in Eden Prairie, MN), and with flight schools in California, Nevada and Hawaii. At that time, she was planning a U.S. flight tour around Vegas, NV with friends from Germany and the idea came up to connect her home base with the pilots from the U.S. flight schools for a students or flight instructors exchange.

On the other hand, Moni is also the calming and dreamy part of our team. She loves to work with her voice – which is a unique mix of powerful but gentle at the same time – for giving meditations and for creative visualizations. And one day she had the idea to combine that with programming the mind with standard flight procedures to gain more and more security in her own flight practice every day. So she implemented the first – as we call it – “Mental Flight Training” shortly after and we have received lots of positive feedback since then.

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Together we have organized our first flying tour in 2022 in which we traveled through Europe with other pilots who did not know each other until then.

The joint briefings before, during and after the flight trip and the numerous unforgettable moments and experiences have contributed to the fact that our flying group has grown together in no time and that the strengths of each individual team member of the Air Lovers crew could be perfectly incorporated.

The best compliment that the group could give us afterwards was that they would like to do this kind of flight trip with us at any time again because of the many wonderful experiences and the many learnings, and that they hope to do it again soon.

In this way, the talents, gifts and experiences of our team very naturally grew into the Air Lovers portfolio.