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The Air Lovers core crew consists of two passionate pilots. Each of us has our own very unique story, talents, gifts and experiences. But what unites us both – beyond our long-standing friendship – is our vision:

“Around the world with 80 pilots!”

We open the space that allows pilots and other flight enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of flying together and connect (also (inter-) nationally) to create unparalleled and enriching flight experiences in the real world.

Always with an eye on the big vision and together with all pilots who share this vision, we will start our first two flight tours across Europe in 2023, online as well as offline. It continues across Africa, Asia, North and South America to the realization of the big vision, which is to once fly with the community around the whole world!

With Air Lovers you’ll never ask yourself again, “Am I capable of this flight?”. The Air Lovers Community grows together, supports each other and thus enables everyone to join the big journey. Connected with like-minded people and lots of fun and adventurousness, flying becomes a whole new experience for pilots worldwide – even outside the airfield.

Are you an Air Lover?

Whether with a lot or little experience – we address the target group of pilots who really want to live their dream of flying, who want to keep their flying knowledge up to date and deepen it – both theoretically and practically – and are interested in meeting new flight buddies and in regular exchange with other pilots. All this to grow beyond yourself in terms of flying,

We see safety in aviation as a crucial ingredient and thus, contribute responsibly to this area of private pilot flying by offering complementary, innovative elements for flight preparation and enabling the open exchange of flight experiences, by promoting personal encounters amongst flight enthusiasts, and developing a flying community – all of this, across national borders.

Our clothes are intended to promote recognition among Air Lovers members and serve as a direct conversation enabler, for example if they – intentionally or unintentionally – happen to bump into each other at an airport or an aviation fair.

Anyone who also represents these values and would like to live this vision together with us is very welcome!

Crew Member | Alex

ALEX – Cheerful Storyteller, flying Event Manager and Merchandise Queen

Alex (Alexandra Schlösser) earned her PPL(A) in 2020 and has shown real persistence.

In 2008, Alex regularly went jogging past an airfield in Paderborn. Each time she stopped at the fence and watched the aircraft. One summer’s day, one of the pilots approached her and asked her if she wanted to accompany him on a flight and she accepted.

Never before had she thought of becoming a pilot, let alone that it might become her life’s passion. Nevertheless, after this first wonderful experience – a free discovery flight – she spontaneously signed up for the pilot training.

But after her first solo flight several events in her life forced her to quit. But whenever she heard an aircraft‘s engine she looked into the sky.

Nevertheless, she never let go of aviation and so at the AERO in Friedrichshafen in April 2017 she met the guys from the flight school in Jesenwang (Bavaria, Germany). A discovery flight in the Alps, over the Kochelsee and Walchensee, took her flying heart by storm right away (again), so that she signed the training contract yet on the same day.

So in 2017 she restarted her flight training and after more obstacles she finally got her PPL(A) – to the day after 12 years in July 2020. Thanks go to the pilot community who offered her great support on the last mile.

Since then, she no longer only dreams of flying, but actively pursues it and continues to improve her skills and develop.

In addition to being a pilot, Alex is an expert in event management, marketing and product development in the beverage segment. She provides little surprises and extraordinary specials and experiences on our tours and events. Last but not least, Alex always ensures an extra dose of humor when dealing with others and within our team.

Crew Member | Monika

MONIKA – Voice of your Subconscious, flying Adventurer and Aviator Meetup Queen

Monika (Monika Gietl) is a private pilot (PPL(A)) since 2018. She got into aviation when she was asked to imagine the perfect day, as an exercise of the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. While spinning her thoughts, the idea of traveling the world by plane suddenly came up.

Monika loves bringing people together and organizing meetups (online and offline). Together with a friend she started an aviator meetup in her local flight school “Air Munich Aviation” in Jesenwang (Bavaria, Germany) in order to provide a platform where pilots share their passions and flight experiences with each other and come together for flying. Because up to this point in time these topics were simply neglected.

One of the highlights was a Top Gun theme party in 2019 which Monika organized together with Alex and two further friends. This group quickly grew to well over 100 pilots. During 2019 and 2020, Monika lived in Minneapolis, MN, USA, gained further flight experience and made connections with local flight schools (like Inflight Pilot Training in Eden Prairie, MN), and with flight schools in California, Nevada and Hawaii. At that time, she was planning a U.S. flight tour around Vegas, NV with friends from Germany and the idea came up to connect her home base with the pilots from the U.S. flight schools for a students or flight instructors exchange.

On the other hand, Monika is also the calming and dreamy part of our team. She loves to work with her voice for giving meditations and for creative visualizations. And one day she had the idea to combine that with programming the mind with standard flight procedures to gain more and more security in her own flight practice every day. Soon after, she developed the first so-called “Mental Flight Training” and since then there has been a lot of positive feedback.

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Furthermore, as flight enthusiasts Alex and Monika love traveling above all and thus encourage other pilots to expand their perceived limits more and more with every flight. A large number of private pilots only rarely leave their known flight areas, and Alex and Monika want to convey that a border crossing – e.g. – into European foreign countries and beyond is no hurdle. This way they enable others to grow their comfort zones and experience the freedom that flying comes with.

How we started…

In 2022, we realized a multi-day flight tour through Europe as Air Lovers, together with other pilots who didn’t know each other until then.

The joint briefings before, during and after the flight trip and the numerous unforgettable moments and experiences contributed to the fact that our flying group grew together into a well-rehearsed team and that the strengths of each individual team member of the crew could be perfectly incorporated.

The best compliment that the group could give us afterwards was that they would do this kind of flight tour with us at any time again because of the many wonderful experiences and the many lessons learned, and that they hope to do it again soon.

In this way, the talents, gifts and experiences of our team very naturally grew into the Air Lovers portfolio.