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Mental Flight Training

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Mental Flight Training

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Enhance your flying skills with mental training!

“Have you ever wondered how to take your flying skills to a new level? With us, you can experience an entirely new approach to flight preparation! You’ll be amazed at how flying procedures become second nature to you.” -Monika

Free Mental Flight – Care for a taste?

If it’s been a while since you’ve flown pattern circuits or if you’re approaching an airfield you’ve never been to, we have an exciting challenge for you: How about a ‘Mental Pattern Circuit at EDMJ Jesenwang, Runway 07’?


Did you know that mental training can significantly boost your practical training success?


Sign up for our newsletter now and receive two mental flight training sessions: ‘Mental Pattern Circuit at EDMJ Jesenwang, Runway 07’ (in German) and ‘Mental Traffic Circuit at KFCM Flying Cloud, Runway 10L’ (in English) for € 0.


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Disclaimer: The audios are purely for entertainment purposes and do not replace studying the POH, the flight manual, the checklists, etc. The aim is not (yet) to give detailed instructions, but to encourage mental preparation for the next flight - especially if there has been a longer break.


Embed Flight Procedures in your Subconscious!

“Mental training can be effortlessly integrated into your daily routine. Whether you’re jogging, cooking, or traveling, it’s available via audio files at any time. Through regular practice, these procedures are ‘programmed’ into your subconscious, making them readily accessible – whether for pattern circuits, precision landings, or even emergency procedures.” -Alex


Our mental flight training sessions are available in audio format. Get ready for an entirely new flying experience and continuously enhance your flying skills.