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With Air Lovers you really live your dream of flying!

So many pilots get their license and then step through the gateway to freedom on their own.

So they stay in their comfort zone and rarely leave the flight area they know. Due to the lack of challenges or the recurring everyday life, they may then fly less and less and become increasingly insecure.

With the Air Lovers you literally expand your limits in flight. During our joint flight tours you create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. You not only expand your knowledge practically, but also theoretically in exchange with other pilots and experts – e.g. as part of our (inter-) national online and offline Aviator Meetup 2.0 with Pilot Mastermind Sessions or in the context of joint briefings and debriefings.

During the flight tours we take care of unique experiences that you will never forget and that you will tell your grandchildren about with sparkling eyes!

In this way you can fully enjoy the freedom that a pilot license gives you. You completely immerse yourself with other pilots in the world of flying and flying becomes your most loved hobby.